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Waterproof membrane impermeable instrument procedures
Dec 17, 2016

Waterproof membrane impermeable instrument procedures
1. prior to use according to specimen testing conditions require adjusting pressure gauge, adjusting methods are: pressure gauges with black knob in the middle of the glass, its outer ring with handle is the limit pointer, put the limit pointer to the test requirements of the position, screw the limit pointer to 0.05MPa smaller than the limit position.
2. using Shi, first with within six angle wrench put three a permeable disc of pressure circle release remove, put injection mouth of cover twist open, again put water valve shut strict, from injection mouth slowly injected water, stay permeable disc middle of water hole out water to, put was test pieces put in permeable disc of ring rubber circle Shang, again put cross board put in was test pieces Shang, pressure Shang pressure circle twist tight screws.
3. continue from the water into the container of water injection to two-thirds, tighten the cap of the water.
4. plug in the power plug, turn the start switch, injection pressure in gas pumps began to containers, pressure light is on.
5. waterproof membrane impermeable instrument to automatically stop when maximum pressure pressure constant voltage led, at the specified time after the test is completed, twist open the water valve, remove pressure water releases, and then release the ring remove the specimen, test is complete.

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