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Concrete anti-seepage manufacturer: installation and use of concrete anti-seepage equipment.
Mar 11, 2018

Concrete anti-seepage manufacturer: installation and use of concrete anti-seepage apparatus.

1. Preparation stage

A. Place the anti-seepage instrument on a flat, solid indoor foundation.

B. Close the discharge pressure relief valve at the bottom right of the box.

C. Open 6 control valves.

D, first use, water injection into the box, open the control valve, start the power supply, to 6 mold internal water overflow, so as to discharge the air inside the system.

E. Close the control valve.

2. Concrete anti-seepage equipment manufacturer: specimen making and installation.

A. The forming and curing of specimens shall be made according to the materials required by the design, and shall be prepared according to the specifications of the department or international standards.

B. Dry the surface of the specimen which is well maintained, and then apply the sealing material (wax or seal wax) on the side of the specimen to the surface of the specimen, and the sealing material is strictly forbidden.

C, will try mould heating to 40 ℃, and then coated with sealing material of the specimen loaded cavity, and then the pressure machine, screw press or borrow laboratory pressure experiment machine) put pressure into the test specimen and cooled to room temperature, it is best to use the factory production of form a complete set of HT - 200 multi-function stripping machine, as well as outfit, stripping and splitting specimen, observe the water penetration depth.

D. Install the specimen in the anti-seepage work platform and tighten the nut evenly.

3, concrete permeability instrument manufacturer: wired up, red lights, set the upper limit of the electric contact pressure gauge pointer to 0.1 MPA floor pointer reliable close but can't contact with (about 0.05 MPA) is less than the upper limit pointer, and then press the green button to start the power and the water pump to start working, electric contact pressure gauge pointer clockwise with water pressure rise, and the observed pressure rise is normal, the system with and without leakage phenomenon, if there is any abnormality should be ruled out before they can enter the test.

The above is the installation and use of concrete anti-seepage apparatus.

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