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Geotechnical test instrument manufacturers share the role of geotechnical test instruments.
Mar 11, 2018

Soil test instrument manufacturer: geotechnical soil test instrument industry before for infrastructure planning and construction, need to test the performance of the building foundation soil and rock, the test laboratory for indoors, usually one of the mechanical properties of the soil test, soil test and household utensils and tools, the experimental use is known as soil test instrument.

Geotechnical test instrument manufacturer: indoor geotechnical test is an experiment to study the characteristics of soil. The main contents of indoor geotechnical experiments include:

(1) physical property test of soil.

Including water content, density, specific gravity, liquid limit, plastic limit, particle analysis, relative density test, etc.

(2) test of soil water properties.

Including penetration test, humidification test, etc.

(3) mechanical property test of soil (static)

Including consolidation test, the determination of preconsolidation pressure, the determination of consolidation coefficient, cartridge direct shear test and unconfined compressive strength test, triaxial shear test, K0 test, Angle of repose, compaction test, static elastic modulus test, etc.

(4) laboratory test of the dynamic properties of soil.

It includes dynamic triaxial test, resonance column test, hollow cylinder test, shaking table test, dynamic single shear test, etc.

According to the results of the mechanical properties of soil test, survey and design units will base area and the characteristics of geotechnical environment design reasonable construction scheme, to ensure the safety of the construction and building to a great extent. Therefore, geotechnical tests are very important for economic construction.

These are the geotechnical test instrument manufacturers to share the role of geotechnical test instruments.

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