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Introduction of common types of concrete mixing station control system.
Mar 11, 2018

Concrete mixing station control system of the main components are computer, programmable controller, ingredients and meters, power devices (such as ac contactor, air switch), according to the different methods of control, the control system is divided into three categories, introduce in detail below.

Distributed microcomputer control system.

The category of concrete mixing station control system, the application in early in the design of mixing station is more, the core of the control system of programmable controller, computer only for management reports to print at the next higher level, the function of the computer and the effect is not obvious. Especially the large commercial concrete mixing station, the function of the control system is more and more complex, this control system is not applicable.

Centralized microcomputer control system.

The category of concrete mixing station control system, computer control management functions will be set on a computer, computer task is heavier, and the production process for reporting statistics cannot be synchronized, can't statistics at any time, too much interference from human factor measurement, commonly known as "semi-automatic control system.

Centralized double microcomputer control system.

This kind of mixing station control system solves the human disturbance of measurement. Adopted special ingredients control instrument, and the production control and management function points on two computers, noninterference, production control and report statistics synchronously, and also can be used as a backup machine production management computer, provides with the computer's network interface at the next higher level. That is what we call an automatic control system for a mixing station.

These are the three common types of concrete mixing station control system. Currently, semi-automatic control system and automatic control system are more common, the latter is relatively higher than the former. Manufacturers can according to your own project budget requirements and equipment to choose suitable for concrete mixing station control system, you can also call the website free hotline to chang the professional customer service staff consultation website building machine.

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