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The use of laboratory instruments requires major issues.
Feb 09, 2018

1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the connection line, plug, socket and power plug socket of the CNC system are correct. 2. It is very important to check the position of the upper and lower limit, so as to keep a certain distance between the two fixtures, so as to avoid the damage of the machine, especially the sensor, due to faulty operation or the failure of the host. 3. During the test, please do not press the key on the microcomputer control system. 4. Select the fixture according to the specific situation of the test, so as not to damage the fixture. 5. Sudden power failure, please turn off all power supply immediately, and then turn it on when the power supply is stable. It is easy to damage microcomputer control system and motor speed regulation system. 6. Do not stay away from the machine when the host is running. 7. The input tensile velocity must be equal to that of the actual testing machine, especially in tearing and stripping. 8. Do not do tensile test when the fracture maximum value of the sample is not clear.

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