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How to judge whether the performance of electronic balance is superior
Jan 23, 2018

For the manufacturers of electronic balance, electronic balance performance will directly affect the development of the enterprise after, then a high quality electronic balance which should meet the performance of it, the next Xiaobian introduce simple.

1, the stability of electronic balance: stability can also be divided into long-term stability (creep) and instantaneous stability. Long-term stability means that the electronic balance does not change much at ambient temperature, and instantly stabilize the balance indicating the value displayed after being measured, and it displays instantly and remains unchanged. After a long time, the difference between the same changes in different time periods is maintained for a long time. The smaller the difference between the above parameters, the more stable the performance of the electronic balance.

2, electronic balance repeatability: balance repeatability is another important technical index to weigh the electronic balance. If the balance is not good enough, the data collected is inaccurate. Repeatability mainly refers to the electronic balance, repeatedly weighing many times, the fluctuation of the value. Minimum, maximum and deviation.

3, electronic balance sensitivity: it refers to the time limit of resolution and resolution. The resolution refers to the verification division value E or the display resolution D. The smaller the better the better (the sensitivity is high). When the time limit is reflected, the shorter the time the better the time the electronic balance adds to a sensitivity value after a sensitivity. We think the electronic balance is fast and sensitive.

4, the linear accuracy of the electronic balance: linearity is also a very noteworthy index to weigh the electronic balance. It mainly refers to the deviation between the displayed value and the absolute value in the whole weighing range. The quality of the electronic balance is not very good, that is, after the full range calibration, it is also difficult to get a more accurate weighing value within the scale of the electronic balance.

5. Life span of electronic balance: the length of the lifetime of the electronic balance is the length of the expected period of the use of the electronic balance in the laboratory.

Electronic balances need to know some maintenance knowledge and protective measures in daily use, so that the electronic balances will work well for a long time and ensure the accuracy of weighing results.

1, avoid vibration: electronic balance in the process of transportation and movement, as far as possible to avoid vibration.

2, if the explosion-proof electronic balance in composite or intrinsically safe explosion-proof system, to comply with the provisions of proof.

3, avoid humid: electronic balance should be avoided in too wet working environment.

4, avoid corrosion: the corrosive substances must not infiltrate into the electronic balance, and will corrode the components and the PCB on the PCB.

5, avoid insolation and direct sunlight. To avoid direct sunlight on the electronic balance, the electronic balance is extremely sensitive to the ambient temperature, so it is possible that the weighing error occurs because the working environment exceeds the rated temperature range.

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