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The development of the testing machine instrument is closely related to the innovation of science and technology
Jan 05, 2018

The test machine is to make full use of all kinds of scientific principle and data analysis of the high precision instrument, test machine of various types, especially in the past twenty years, the world of microelectronic technology, precision machinery technology, special equipment technology, micro nano technology have a rapid development, and it will have more and faster development of the high-tech industry, the a form of development, whether in speed, sensitivity, stability and cost and other aspects, put forward more requirements to the testing machine industry, and provide a lot of material and technical support for the further development of the testing machine, become a powerful impetus to its development. The birth of a variety of new achievements in science and technology for development of the testing machine industry has brought fundamental changes, these results not only from the basis of support for the development of test machine, also brings a subtle change for the development of testing machine, testing machine more new principle and super function are developed continuously.

The continuous innovation and application of new technologies not only put forward new requirements for the development and manufacture of test machines, but also greatly increased the demand for such talents. At the same time, the application of the testing machine to the principle of science has put forward new requirements for the training of talents. Many colleges and universities have mentioned experimental courses in an increasingly important position. The training of testing machine R & D and application talents has become the top priority of many universities. Hebei road testing machine technology Co. Ltd. jointly with Hebei University of Technology, a training for testing machine research and development and application of talent the company provides practice base, let students better apply theory to practice; on the other hand, high innovation ability of students, create new thinking for the research and development of high-tech testing machine.

More sophisticated, more intelligent and more stable. This is not only the pursuit of the development of the industry, but also the pursuit of the development of other industries, and it is the only way for all walks of life to develop and develop. To be brave to break through, dare to innovate, make full use of the power of science and technology to develop the industry itself, and to promote the better development of the testing machine industry is the king's way

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