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Several common test methods, target instrument film tension test machine
Jan 05, 2018

Several common test methods, the tensile test of target instrument membrane tension tester, is the test method for determining material properties under axial tensile load. The elastic limit, elongation, elastic modulus, proportional limit, area reduction, tensile strength, yield point, yield strength and other tensile properties of materials can be determined by data obtained from tensile tests. The creep data can be obtained from the tensile test at high temperature.

Sealing test: sealing strength can be obtained by sealing test. The test is related to the width and thickness of the specimen.

Tearing test: tearing load and tear strength can be obtained.

1. right angle tear: in order to facilitate the opening of the packaging bags, a right angle notch is often cut out at the edge. According to the requirements of some product standards and the needs of clients, plastic films or thin sheets should be tested for right angle tear properties.

The 2. pants tearing method is one of the test methods for the tear resistance of plastic film and thin film, and it is the force required to evaluate the cut of the material after a pre cut.

Stripping test: the stripping force and minimum force can be obtained. The main parameters corresponding to the head and the tail. The routine is stripped at 90 degrees and 180 degrees, and the main determination of two different materials is to be glued together with multiple values.

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