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Working principle of universal testing machine
Jan 05, 2018

The deformation measurement of the test machine refers to the measurement system of measuring the displacement and deformation of the material through a test machine.

Deformation amplifier unit deformation measurement system is one of the main parts of the test machine, its main function is to amplify weak signal generated by the sensor, after processing to digital display or computer, thus the deformation under the value recorded or displayed.

Most of the deformable units now use a single chip 24 bit ultra low noise analog to digital converter, which amplifies the signal and converts A/D into one. Since the set of deformation units has the characteristics of single chip as the core and peripheral circuit less, the system has the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, small linear error and strong anti-interference ability. Reasonable design and good process layout make the amplifier very stable. Single chip computer and amplifier unit it connected, as the host of the heart, responsible for the amplifier range conversion data acquisition, data selection, transmission, test method and liquid crystal display, digital direct reading, also can put these data output through the RS232 port, through the RS232 port can also accept other equipment. Due to the use of single chip computer control, the unit has the function of automatic zeroing. When adjusting zero, it only needs to clear the zero button at the main interface, so that it can automatically clear the whole process, and the clearing time is very short.

Deformation measurement technical parameters:

The parameters of the deformation measurement index have the measurement range, the indication error, the sensitivity and the resolution.

A measuring range test machine can measure the range between the minimum size and the maximum size of a material or component that can be measured by a measuring system.

The difference between the measured value of the deformation value of the specimen and the actual value of the measured value is called the indication error of the test system. The indication error is unavoidable, and its size is within a specific range or standard range.

The sensitivity of deformation measurement sensitivity and sensitivity is relative to the measured displacement rate. Sensitivity is a sign of physical instrument. The more precise the measuring system is, the higher the accuracy of measurement result is.

Deformation measurement resolution refers to the minimum precision measurement test photoelectric encoder to measure data. The greater the resolution, the more accurate the measurement results.

The principle of deformation measurement:

Strain extensometer is composed of elastic element and the strain gauge on it, when the extensometer moving arm force, caused by elastic deformation and make the strain gauge on the resistance value changes, the original bridge balance out of balance output which is proportional to the output voltage signal due to deformation. The signal output of the extensometer gauge must be amplified is extremely weak, in order to meet the requirements of the value of this work by fully amplified by A/D converter and conversion, and then sent to the single chip computer for processing and display in the direct way, and through RS232 transmitted to the computer for data processing.

The deformation measurement of the test machine is an important part of the test machine measurement and control system, and it is the key technical link of the test machine. It is one of the factors worthy of consideration for the user to choose the deformation measuring instrument with high reliability and strong stability.

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