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The prospect of universal material testing machine
Apr 14, 2017

Material Testing MachineThe current material testing machine is a loading test platform for testing the mechanical properties of metal materials. In accordance with the loading and control methods to distinguish, there are three generations of products: mechanical loading test machine, hydraulic loading test machine, computer control of the electronic control test machine. The first two generations of products is basically a human control method, may wish to call the traditional testing machine. Mechanical loading test machine, mainly the ordinary motor, gear, the release. Methanol, gasoline liquid fuel from the hydrogen reforming technology At present, most of the pure hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are used high pressure cylinders, large size, high quality, high cost, insecure, and thus put forward the development of hydrogen energy vehicles can be like fuel Cars carry fuel fuels such as oil and other fuels, through the use of vehicle reforming technology to convert liquid fuels into hydrogen, while re-use side.

At present, the vehicle's reformer can be used to extract hydrogen from liquid methanol and gasoline. Liquid fuel extraction hydrogen must first be vaporized and then converted to hydrogen for fuel cell. Methanol conversion of hydrogen is mainly composed of two main components of the converter and partial oxidizer. The role of the converter is to decompose gaseous methanol into hydrogen and carbon monoxide at high temperature. The conversion efficiency is high, but the start-up time is long and the transient response to the load Poor, difficult to meet the normal use of the car requirements. Part of the role of the oxidation reactor is in the low oxygen, low pressure conditions, methanol into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, with a short start-up time, the transient response to the advantages of fast load, but the conversion efficiency is low and the amount of production is its main problem.

Converter and partial oxidation reactor used together, you can better meet the requirements of automotive use.

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