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Teach you how to use tensile testing machine
Apr 14, 2017

Tensile testing machine, also known as universal testing machine. Universal testing machine is used for a variety of materials for equipment, static load, stretching, compression, bending, cutting, tearing, stripping and other mechanical properties of the test with the mechanical afterburner testing machine for plastic sheet, pipe, Shaped materials, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials of various physical and mechanical properties for the development of materials for physical testing, teaching research, quality control and other indispensable testing equipment. When using the rally should pay attention to the following points:

    1, is strictly prohibited overload, ultra-speed provisions of the use.

    2, is strictly prohibited hard objects crash lift screw, on time on the oil.

    3, mechanical replacement V-belt, pay attention to the location of the hand to prevent the folder caught fingers, transmission parts must cover the protective cover.

    4, electronic stepless speed adjustment to adjust the speed, not too fast operation.

    5, before the test machine to ensure that all the wiring is correct, and at least warm up for 20 minutes to package the stability of the sensor.

    6, according to the test set the location of the upper and lower limit block to prevent the instrument running over the trip, the fixture and the sample damage.

    7. Do not place your hand between the moving beam and the fixed specimen, fixture or test device when you press the fast rise key or the quick descent key to avoid injury.

    8,50KN strong machine before use, pay attention to check the fixture clamping screw tightening situation.

    9, lift the clamp when the action to be smooth, to avoid collision, often check the jig screw tightening.

    10, replace the test fixture, pay attention to cooperate to prevent injury.

    11, open the fixture grips the sample, pay attention to the specimen clamping distance, not too much or too little.

    12, need to print the parameters before printing to check whether the printer has paper and timely replenishment.

    13, after the operation is completed by the procedures required to shut down the machine, is strictly prohibited directly cut off the power.

    14, strict implementation of the annual inspection system, regularly by the national metrological appraisal agencies for parameter identification certification

    Rally machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, different materials require different fixtures, but also the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results of an important factor. Proper use of rally, regular maintenance of the machine, regular cleaning is essential.

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