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Heat of hydration of cement Tester plugged in should check the grounding is reliable
Dec 17, 2016

Heat of hydration of cement Tester plugged in should check the grounding is reliable
Cement hydration hot determination instrument is according to hot chemical of Gus law, that chemical reactions of heat only and system of early state and end state about and and reaction of way has nothing to do proposed of. it is in heat meter around temperature must of conditions Xia, with not hydration of cement and hydration must age period of cement respectively in must concentration of standard acid in the dissolved, measuring have dissolved hot of poor, that for the cement in provides age period within by released of hydration hot. applies Yu in the hot Portland cement, low heat slag Portland cement, General Portland cement, slag Portland cement Ash Portland cement and Portland fly-ash cement of any determination of hydration heat of hydration time.
Cement hydration heat detector ban in cases with no water in the sink plugged in and the operation in case of accident. To sink within added water Qian should first will test within tube of tube cover cover good sealed, and moved to tube seat bottom of location put good, prevent added full water Hou again into test within tube Shi, spill flow tube too late drainage, large of water from sink above spills. from spindle clip head Shang handling acid liquid mixing Rod Shi should carefully operation, prevent acid liquid mixing rod from high at fell to vacuum bottle within, damaged vacuum bottle. Beckman thermometer insert acid liquid part and the Cork Cork surface should uniform coated covered paraffin, anti-acid paint, test Qian should carefully check anti-acid coating whether intact.
Cement hydration hot determination instrument in test began Shi, should will test within tube from sink within upgrade to water above location fixed good, open test within tube tube cover, will vacuum bottle, acid within lining, acid liquid mixing rod into within tube, will test tube cover cover good, and twist tight Butterfly shaped nut, sealed tube cover, again will within tube slowly sank into water in the fixed. will temperature sensor insert sink cover Board Shang of plug hole within parallel received control instrument, will other the plug-in joins to control instrument corresponding Jack. connected power, check grounding whether reliable, Open control instrument power switch. Dang sink within water temperature above 20.1 ℃ Shi, should slowly to to sink within into ice or cold water, stay temperature slightly end of Yu 20 ℃ Shi that stop, at, system will automatically will water temperature rose to standard provides temperature, and keep thermostat. release beam Shang of lock tight handles, will beam turned to makes spindle and acid liquid mixing rod in same axis Shang of location, release clip head, will mixing rod up upgrade loaded into Clip head within, adjustment good acid liquid mixing rod of height location Hou twist tight clip head, fine-tuning beam corner, The acid liquid stirring rod and cylinder cover holes on the concentric locking locking handle on the beam.
Cement hydration hot determination instrument loaded good Beckman poor shows thermometer and charging funnel. by test standard provides steps completed operation. test completed Hou, first one by one close the Department action, again off total power switch. pulled Xia power plug, again followed by out Beckman poor shows thermometer, charging funnel, acid liquid mixing rod, acid within lining,, cleaning clean Hou properly save for Hou with. test within tube cover good Hou placed in tube seat following location, cover good sink activities cover Board.

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