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Flexural Testing Machine
May 24, 2017

Flexural Testing Machine special test plug lead wire and wire folding strength. The test method is to fix the specimen on the fixture, and add a certain load, test fixture left and right swing, after a certain number of times to check the break rate, or to all off When the line is not energized, check the total number of swivels. The machine can automatically count, the specimen bent to the broken line can not power, and can automatically stop the operation.

Flexural Testing Machine operation steps

1. Turn the lever of the Flexural Testing Machine to the limit of the left hand side (as opposed to the black knob). This action loosens the cylinder of the cylinder. Place the desired cylinder in the slot, insert the test piece vertically between the cylinder and the pressure roller (the coating faces the curved column) and push it between the lower clamping devices. The clamping unit can be adjusted, but during this period the clamp device should not be completely locked. Pull the black knob and slide the inserted test piece together with the clamping unit through the guide roller so that its position is facing the circular axis. And then fully lock the black knob to ensure that the clamping unit and the test plate are fixed in this position.

2. Rotate the screw on the bending rod, the pressure roller will act on the test piece, the circular shaft is below, turn the bending bar until it reaches the limit of the right hand side of the instrument. This movement will cause the test piece to bend around the selected circular axis.

3. The bending process takes place in a smooth motion for 1 to 2 seconds.

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