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Flexural test machine operation method
Dec 17, 2016

The measuring range according to the Panel (50kN), (100kN) key to shift, and by the key indicator to determine document above. After connecting the power supply, digital display enter the self-test, show population XXXXX, rate 0.OOO. Zero-point drift values.
Required preheating for 20 minutes, will be close to zero, and stabilized before you can start "pump on", formal testing. Each time you test, before the piston rises, should press the "reset" button clears the system limited zero-drift value, force display import 000.00.
Sample compression, digital force and rate value will appear. After sample broken, will force steep drop rate value is "----", the operator shall promptly sent close valve, to move "down" switch to minimize piston needs.
Specimen after the break, breaking force value that is displayed in the value pane, display format: value window displays "peak", speed window shows "----". According to a "peak" key, the instrument value window and rate window appears "Kou xxxxx" and "----" press once the "peak" key, the instrument still peak holding conditions, display window for export 000.00. Note: when the instrument peak, press the "reset" button, the data will not be saved.
In order to prevent operating errors, the instrument can exceed most strongly when the value of 3%, protect, protection after there, you must press "reset" key, clear the fault symbol, to start the pump.

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