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Digital pressure tester to test material tensile properties and parameters
Dec 17, 2016

Pressure tester with digital display digital display pressure testing machines tensile properties and parameters of test material
1, the maximum load Maxcapacity:5000N (any choice)
2, precision load tensile testing machine LoadAccuracy:0.01%
3, test precision of Measuringaccuracy:< ± 0.5% (national report)
4. the choice of units: gf,Kgf,N,KN,LB
5, operation Control: full computer control
6. test the software: English convert, there is also a new eight language software.
7, operation Control: full computer control
8, the effective width of Validwidth:150mm
9, effective stretching space Stroke:800mm (can be raised as needed)
10, tensile testing machine speed Tetxingspeed:0.001~500mm/min (arbitrary adjustment) can also be reached 1000mm/min.
11, SpeedAccuracy speed accuracy: within ± 0.5%;
12, StrokeAccuracy displacement measuring accuracy: within ± 0.5%;
13, DisplacementAccuracy deformation measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5%
14, Safetydevice safety devices: electronic limit protection, emergency stop keys Safeguardstroke
15. the patent system: test all wireless remote control or instrument LCD display control
16. the fixture configuration: one customized according to user sample fixture
17, MainUnitWeight machine weight: about 85kg
18. power voltage: 220V
19. main panel size: 590*355*1640mm

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