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Anti rust technology of micro electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine
Jul 22, 2017

Test machine generally consists of the host, control cabinet, oil source, computer control system and other parts of the composition, according to the specific size of each part, weight and transport aspects of overrun, overweight regulations, re-integrated transport costs and other factors decided to install a box , Or multi-box packaging. In addition, for economic and environmental considerations, the test machine can generally use bamboo crust or concrete plywood frame wooden box, can also be used in accordance with the provisions of other frame wooden box. Boxes are made of wood frame, box board and waterproof, moisture-proof material composition, the domestic box with the box can be multi-layer bamboo plywood, export box box board generally use resin plywood, if any special provisions, press Its provisions are enforced. Waterproof, moisture-proof materials generally use petroleum asphalt paper, plastic film, plastic composite paper, aluminum foil composite film. In short the choice of the box to be economical, practical, not only have enough strength. But also should have a good waterproof, rust and other functions.

Packaging processing

After the commissioning of the test machine, the packaging work can be carried out. The packaging of the test machine should be carried out in a clean, dry, hazardous environment. For the testing machine packaging required for a variety of protection functions. The whole packaging process can be divided into: pre-handling, vacuum, fixed three parts of the box. The entire packaging work should be done continuously, once completed, if the halt operation, should take temporary protective measures.

Pretreatment of packaging

(1) First of all, the movable part of the testing machine is fixed, such as double-space universal testing machine, the lower beam can be moved up and down, the lower beam and another moving parts between the side of the wood to prevent its channeling Moving, side wood and parts of the contact surface should be added between the anti-rust paper.

(2) the host if the decorative cover plate and the like, should be removed, wipe clean after the anti-rust paper. Note that the rust-proof paper with wax side of the contact parts, the outer layer of polystyrene ball foam wrapped.

(3) For precision components such as pressure sensors, photoelectric encoders, etc. should be removed from the test machine, into its own box, and then loaded into the attachment box.

(4) the pipe joints are used plug plug to prevent air and dust into the. Cylinder on the pipe joints to pay special attention to prevent the working surface of the cylinder piston rust.

(5) easy to rust on the host parts such as base, column, valve block brushing anti-rust oil, require brushing uniform, comprehensive, and then covered with rust-proof paper. On the column parts such as columns, screws and other spiral wound way wrapped around rust-proof paper, spiral to overlap between each other to ensure that parts without exposed parts.

(6) on the host and the box base contact parts to do shock, rust protection, first with rust-proof paper on the contact surface of the package, and then wrapped in polystyrene foam in the outer layer, according to the need to be more wrapped several Floor.

(7) for the product of the pointed parts such as the top of the column, the base of the feet, etc., should be in the rust layer outside the layer of polystyrene spherical foam, in order to prevent its moisture barrier layer, reduce the moisture effect.

(8) with the treatment: the first jaw, pressure plate and other equipment into the gasoline and other cleaning fluid, with scrubbing, scrubbing, etc. to clean, large products can be sprayed, washing should pay attention to prevent the product Surface condensation, and should pay attention to safety. After the washing of the attached with a dry, can be used to dry air to dry, can also be used clean, dry cloth dry, pay attention to dry when not allowed to stay in the product on the fiber. Will be attached to the brush after the anti-rust oil, and then wrapped with anti-rust paper, labeled, neatly placed in the attachment box.


Will be done before the packaging of the test machine host flat lifting, and then slowly placed on the base of the box on the appropriate location, pay attention to the first heat before the synthesis of cylindrical aluminum foil composite film set in the test machine host. The main machining surface of the main unit shall not be in direct contact with the bottom of the box or the fixed log, and shall be cushioned with rust, moisture, cushioning and other materials at its contact. For example, the workbench shall be supported by the sleepers, Asphalt paper (or linoleum), rubber sheet, plastic film, sodium benzoate rust-proof paper (fixed bamboo and contact parts between the placement of the reverse). Aluminum foil composite membrane seal should be placed in its internal amount of desiccant, if no special provisions, desiccant general use of silica gel or montmorillonite n]. Desiccant must be dried before use, the moisture content of not more than 4%, desiccant to 109 '"2009 sub-installed in the bag or strength enough paper bag, firmly suspended in the host, the amount can be 5009 / m3 - -6009 / m3 (packaging volume). Desiccant can not be directly in contact with the metal surface. Put the desiccant after the aluminum foil composite film can be heat sealing, sealing heat sealing strength required to 30N / 5cm. After the heat can be carried out Vacuum operation, the specific method is: the exhaust port of the exhaust pipe and the heat-forming composite film connected (heat sealing at the end of the composite membrane at the end of a corner hole), out of the excess air, when the complex When the film is fully attached to the mainframe, stop the suction, the vacuum in the 5mmHg or so.Finally remove the exhaust machine will heat sealing closed. Test machine control cabinet, oil and other parts of the vacuum method similar to this, not repeat The

Fixed and box

Will be part of the vacuum after the pressure plate and baffle fixed on the bottom of the box, should ensure that all parts in the transport does not appear before and after, around and up and down the direction of movement. And then do a good job of anti-rust treatment of decorative panels, racks and accessories, etc. into the base and fixed. Finally, the thermoformable waterproof plastic machine clothing cover. The inside of the test machine is finished. The side of the box in turn fixed to the base and bolted to strengthen, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the box surface spray collection and delivery signs and storage signs' cited. At this point, the test machine packaging work all over. To meet the testing machine on the anti-rust packaging requirements, and in line with the provisions of the relevant packaging standards. Is the test machine to achieve safe storage and transport of effective protection.

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