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Field Test

  • Plate Bearing Plate Load Testing

    Plate Bearing Plate Load Testing

    Application: Plate Bearing Testing Apparatus used to estimate bearing capacity of road base or ground base, which is filled and compacted after coarse and fine grained soil, also can used to count deformation modulus of even groundsill.Continue Reading
  • In-situ CBR Test Apparatus

    In-situ CBR Test Apparatus

    STCBR-4 In-situ CBR Test Apparatus Parameters : 1. Bearing capacity of hydraulic jack:100KN 2. Measure range of the dynameter:60KN 3. Diameter of penetration rod:Φ50×200mm STCBR-2 In-situ CBR Test Apparatus Parameters : 1. Bearing capacity of hydraulic jack:100kN 2. Measure...Continue Reading
  • Lightweight Dynamic Penetrometer

    Lightweight Dynamic Penetrometer

    STCT-1A Lightweight Dynamic Penetrometer This penetrometer used to establish the thickness of different stratification when investigating the suitability of a site for bridge, road or other construction works. The apparatus includes : 1. 10 kg rammer 2. Rammer fall 500mm 3....Continue Reading
  • Standard Heavy-duty Penetration Test

    Standard Heavy-duty Penetration Test

    STBG-2 Standard Heavy-duty Penetration Test Apparatus 1. Weight of the hammer:63.5Kg 2. Drop:760mm 3. Penetration head: Ф74×60Continue Reading
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

    STCT - 2 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer This apparatus has been designed for the rapid in - situ measurement of the structural properties of existing road pavements constructed with unfound materials. The dropping weight is 8kg with a drop of 575mm.Continue Reading
  • In -Site Soil Augers

    In -Site Soil Augers

    STYZ-1 In-situ Soil Sampler Sampling diameter: dia.50.46mm Height of soil sampler: 50mm STBC-1 Soil Penetrometer Main specification : 1. Hammer weight: 2.5kg 2. Hammer height: 30cm 3. Penetration needle: 1cm3 4. weight of apparatus: 3.6kg STLX-2 Soil Auger 1.It is comprise...Continue Reading
  • Pendulum Friction Coefficient Skid Resistance and Friction Meter

    Pendulum Friction Coefficient Skid Resistance and Friction Meter

    STBM-2 Pendulum Friction Coefficient Meter 1. Weight of pendulum: 1500g 2. Moment of pendulum's barycenter: 410mm 3. Face-on static pressure on pavement: 22.2N 4. Distance between edge and center of pendulum: 508mm 5. Pendulum's sliding distance on pavement: 126mm...Continue Reading
  • Pavement Core Drilling Machine

    Pavement Core Drilling Machine

    STHZ-20 Concrete Core Drilling Machine Application : the core drilling machine which combines high speed cutting technology and thin walled diamond bits, is widely applied to drill and core in building works, equipment installation projects and construction inspection...Continue Reading
  • Multifunctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine

    Multifunctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine

    STHZ-15A Concrete Core Drilling Machine Max. drilling diameter: Ф150mm Max. drilling depth: 400mm Motor power: 2KW Motor voltage: AC220V STHZ-15B Multifunctional Concrete Core Drilling Machine(Motor) Application : it is multifunctional in performing not only coring but also...Continue Reading
  • High-power Core Drilling Machine

    High-power Core Drilling Machine

    STHZ -03 High - Power Concrete Core Drilling Machine (German Technology) Parameters : 1. Max. drilling diameter: Φ150mm 2. Max. drilling depth: 400mm 3. Manual feeding 4. Motor power: 3kW 5. Motor voltage: AC220V 6. No load drilling speed: 1 speed : 211 rpm, 2 speed 435 rpm,...Continue Reading
  • Tralier Mounted Core Drilling Machine

    Tralier Mounted Core Drilling Machine

    STHZ-40 Trailer Core Drilling Machine 1. Coring depth up to 400 mm 2. Conventional drilling diameter up to 200 mm 3. The drilling direction is vertical downward. 4. Spindle speed:Ⅰ500r.p.m,Ⅱ1000r.p.m 5. Bit for synthetic diamond thin wall bit.Continue Reading
  • Construction Engineering Drilling Machine

    Construction Engineering Drilling Machine

    STZJ-1 Drilling Machine 1.Drilling depth: 100m 2.Finally hole diameter: 75mm 3.Drilling rod diameter: 42mm 4.Rated rotary speed: 1500 rpm 5.Rated pressure: 8 Mpa 6.Max pressure: 12.5 Mpa 7.Displacement: 12.5 Mpa 8.Max make and break allowable pressure: 1.5 Mpa 9.Continuous...Continue Reading
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