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  • Asphalt Kinematic Viscometer

    Asphalt Kinematic Viscometer

    STYDN-3 Asphalt Kinematic Viscometer Application : Measurement kinematic viscosity of materials whose viscosity range between 6-100000mm2/s by glass capillary viscometer at temperature 135℃. Parameter : 1. Voltage: 220V 2. Relative humidity: 10-85% 3. Capilary viscosity...Continue Reading
  • Bitumen Dynamic Viscometer

    Bitumen Dynamic Viscometer

    STDN-3 Asphalt Dynamic Viscometer Application : Measurement of dynamic viscosity of materials whose viscosity range between 0.0036-20.000Pa.s by vacuum capillary method. Testing vacuum degree is 300mmHg(40Kpa)while testing temperature under 60℃. Parameters : 1. Voltage: 220V...Continue Reading
  • Digital Rotating Viscosity

    Digital Rotating Viscosity

    Application: It used to test viscosity of Newtonian Fluids such as petroleum, grease, printing ink, food, medicine, cosmetic, etc. Specification: 1. Testing range: 1-1x105 MPa.s 2. Testing rotate speed: 6r/min, 12r/min, 30r/min, 60r/min 3. Testing error: ±2% 4. Power: 220V±10%...Continue Reading
  • Electric Asphalt Viscometer

    Electric Asphalt Viscometer

    Application: Determine viscosity of thick petroleum asphalt, liquid petroleum asphalt and coal asphalt etc. Parameters: 1. Orifice diameter: 3 ± 0.025 mm, 4 ± 0.025 mm, 5 ± 0.025 mm, 10 ± 0.025 mm; 2. Specimen cylinder size: internal diameter: 40 mm, depth: 105mm Features:...Continue Reading
  • Asphalt Engler Viscometer

    Asphalt Engler Viscometer

    Application: It is used to test viscosity of oil productand other liquid.Specification: 1. Standard water number: 51 ± 1s 2. Testing temperature: room temperature to 100 ℃ 3. Accuracy of temperature: ±1 ℃ 4. Receiving bottle: 200ml 5. Thermometer: 0-60 ℃, 50-110 ℃ 6. Scale...Continue Reading
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